Home Inspection Rates

Standard Home Inspection          $325

  • 100+ Year Old Homes an additional $150
  • Homes over 3,000 sq. ft. an additional $100
  • Multiple dwellings other than detached garage add $100

Radon Gas Test            $125
Pest Inspection            $100
Water Purity Test      $100
FHA Water Test            $150
Water Flow Test           $100
Septic Dye Test           $125
Moisture Inspection   $225
Pre-Inspection            $300
Walk through with Consultation     $275
IR Scan without home inspection   $125 per hour

All of my inspections include thermal (infrared) imaging, so that you can have a better deep inspection of your new home’s structure and systems.

Every radon test we do will utilize 2 test kits. Why?  In case we get a false positive or negative reading on one of the kits, the second kit will validate the first.  Either way, you’ll have the confidence that your new investment is safe for your family, or that a radon mitigation system can be installed to give you the same peace of mind.

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