Thermal Imaging Home Inspection

thermal imaging of exterior of homeThermal Imaging Lets Us See the Unseen

Our basic home inspection service includes thermal imaging photography at no additional charge.

If you could see through walls and roofs, and appliances and systems, to check for potential defects- wouldn’t that give you a better home inspection than a standard visual inspection?

We can now evaluate potential problem areas that may have moisture issues, detect areas that do not have adequate insulation and even detect areas that may have pest infestation.detect missing insulation with thermal imaging

Similarly, thermal imaging can also help detect Electrical problems, Plumbing related issues and issues related to improperly installed Heating and Air Conditioning equipment.

Although there are no guarantees that a Thermal Imager will find every issue, using a Thermal Imager narrows the chances of missing critical problems during manual inspections. Let Colonial Home Inspections take the worry out of the purchase of your next home.

Benefits of Thermal (Infrared) Imaging aiding in the detection of:

  • Water infiltration  (roof leaks located with recent rain or snow fall within 24~48 hours)
  • Mold, Mildew and Fungus problems
  • Cold air infiltration
  • Excessive moisture in building materials
  • Stud / Joist / Beam / Rafter placement and structure
  • Insulation gaps, insufficient and unevenness
  • Electrical drops, panels, breakers, switches and wire connections
  • Potential electrical hot spots
  • Heating and cooling duct placement, insulation, air leaks
  • Pipe location
  • Proper appliance function

Colonial Home Inspections offers thermal imaging home inspection in the greater Albany, New York area

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